Welcome to my reading room doormat


This song just made my weekend. It is amazing and so worth the wait Welcome to my reading room doormat Congrats. I can’t stop listening to this song…it drives me crazy. Wow! Nothing like an ole school sound with a Bruno flare! Spectacular! I was literally on another plane through the whole song!. Nice beat of all the song! Your the funky person!. I loved it as soon as the music started! Everything you touch Bruno turns to gold. Can’t wait to hear more of that Silk Sonic groove. The prince of funk is back with an awesome artist colab anderson paak, shout out to silk sonic…man shut da front door and take my money. Concert any1? HashtagHolligans. Almost a year ago I planned a trip for my daughter to see you in Vegas. I hope this world gets back to normal soon. Can’t wait for a concert performance by you and your fellow musicians!. I smiled the whole song. This is music in its purest form!! Hurry up with this album. Two of my favorite artist together. Unreal!!!

Welcome to my reading room doormat

Welcome to my reading room doormat 2

Amazing song!. Loved it! Gave me the old Chi-Lites/ Stylistics vibe. You are such a great talent, can take any era, make it into a song and turn it into a hit. Looking forward to hearing more songs from the album.. I was suppose to see you VIP for your Vegas show last spring. I will be 66 in Dec 2021! Make my dreams come true Bruno!!! I promise to dance through every song!. I have lost track of the number of times I’ve replayed this. Its magical! . bruno doesn’t realize this, but he’s making everyone’s day better #brunomars #SilkSonic. This song is on a whole different scale. The harmony is so soothing and soulful, its just beautiful yall good job on this song . I wanted to go to your show in Vegas but unfortunately as a single mom of 2 little girls I cannot afford 810$. Sad day for me I have wanted to see you in concert since the last time you came to Salt Lake City Welcome to my reading room doormat

Welcome to my reading room doormat

Welcome to my reading room doormat 1

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