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Aartii Naagpal   · FollowCan’t wait to see you on big screen maverick ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥My first crush 289 . Aartii Naagpal   · FollowMy heart beats waiting for maverick to land again, #TopGunMaverick -2 You are my crush forever Tom Cruise 337 . Ritchi Edwards   · FollowSo excited for number 2! 514 . Sandra Van Den BorreThomas Sherpopif, Why is Mister Harry so upset, leaving his home place, well there are no saints, bully’s. Tom what the hell are you doing on a bike with a parchute jumping off a cfliff at 57 age, are you people nuts letting Tom do something life dang… See more4 . Debra Servin HooperI can’t wait to see the second one! 19 . Julie SmytheSuch a great film. Can’t wait to see No. 216 . Karen SmithAnd swoon !!! all time favourite movie the flying wasnt bed either cant wait to see mavrick in action again xx29 . Armanda CarvalhoI’m waiting for you, Maverick! The most beautiful smile in the world – Tom Cruise!54  Venom Marvel baseball jersey shirt

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Sally-Ann BowdenI think Tom Cruise is immortal…. 35 years and he looks the same! I was 12 when this was first out… went to a cinema to watch this where they actually had an interval and someone came around and sold ice cream on a tray!!!! 9 . Deborah EllisLooking forward to it. It’s the one movie I’ve been waiting to come out13 . Top fanCarolina RosalesA film that marked an era. Looking forward to seeing you the second part47 . Barbara MorrisJust watched it again tonight & still just as good as the 1st time I saw it. 25 . Linda SohlbergThe best movie I have ever seen…just love it! Can’t wait for TopGun 2 to come soon. I have seen it almost 200 times and will do so with number 2 too3 . Louisa BakerYes!!! I cannot wait to see this! Been a long time coming! Also who else says Negative ghost rider the pattern is full, after all these years I say it when pulling out a junction my husband says anything coming?!Play GIFGIPHY25  Venom Marvel baseball jersey shirt

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