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Spitting on the Italians flag, taking off silver medal in front of the camera, whistles during the Italians Hymn….. You can born lords,but It Is hard to become It…over all, Being polite and Friends was not done by England players and supporters Yes… See more. True fans don’t go around causing chaos and fights. I like the squad but the fans are a disgrace.. Perfectly put David Beckham. Taking off the medals is not so respectful…. Not good sport people, not a good image. Dear David, bello, bello tutto but let me say italians do It better. UK veteran lest we forget polo shirt And the Cup Is on the table, in Rome. Saluti e baci. I think that you should also, since you are a Gentleman, explain to English (it applies also for other countries) people that do not respect other persons (Italians or someone else) is a mistake. Your team didn’t respect our team, didn’t show fair play… See more

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Throwback all u like David . Lovely !!! And so is the watch… . Too many distractions with that tattoos… Tattoo less would be more handsome. i’m more interested in where this shirt is from TIA. Dear DAVID why do u convert your own natural beauty under artificial tattoo?? how can Victoria handle that ???. One good thing is you have good family that care about you i have a son that no one cares about some as me i would love to have a good mum and caring family i like you have. I am convinced that it is impossible for this man to take a bad picture.. the Best Idea Geourgeos If Cool Perfec Poisoon Sweet Smile the perfeck fresh Mood ICant Its Style Sportion all Celebration if Nice Safing View Image the Pictures UK veteran lest we forget polo shirt Pause GIF. You number one for me…beck. A very bad day for the England team by losing the mother of Germany 5/1

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UK veteran lest we forget polo shirt 2

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