Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker


My dad always said (with his Irish accent) “You’ve more to fear from the living than the dead”. So true.. My dad told me to always be friendly with security guards, you never know when you might need their help.. My father became a US citizen at age 70 so he could vote for your husband.. My biological father was the farthest thing from a good father. He walked out on my mother when I was a month old! She thought he was going to church choir practice!! My step- father is the one I call dad. Not because he was the best father but he pro… See more. My dad taught me a love of the english lanuage,sense of fair play,to thine own self be true and it`s ok to lose.. I wish I had a lot of memories of my dad. He was always there for me for the short time I had him. I was 11 when God called daddy home. He was 37. It has been 71 years since I heard his voice. Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker 2

Asti Porter Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker My Father was a hard worker and he always called me ” Chocolate Drop”. He encouraged me to do whatever my heart desired and he provided for my family. He always said why can’t you solve this problem you are a genius. He always motivated and encouraged … See more Pause GIF. My father thought me about being strong at survival. He had lost both of his kidneys. However, this did not deter him from being a great supporter and father to his two kids. When I think of him, I see strength and perserverance. Happy Fathers Day to a… See more. Michelle Obama this will be my first Father’s Day without my father. My father taught me the importance of faith, family and friends. He volunteered thousands of hours throughout his retirement giving communion to the sick and holding the hands of the … See more. My dad used to say to me “You’ll try to be the best. But if you aren’t, remember you gave it your best, and that makes me whole lot more proud than any award or trophy.” I remember him saying this to me and it always gets me through. Love my dad

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker

Tuxedo cat crack car decal sticker 1

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