This is my reading doormat


Waiting on the album like… This is my reading doormat Play GIF. Bruno perform at the Grammys with this song! . I can’t stop listening to this song. Someone is going to get pregnant tonight. Hey Bruno and team! What a gem of a song you and Andersson are giving us. I’m a 54 year old woman who’s from Montreal Canada and I am such a fan of your artistry. I am retired signer singer myself and truly appreciate and love what you do. You … See more. “Wow” this is a wonderful love this song. I love the melody and the incredible changes within this beautiful love songs that gives me that feeling of silky smooth closeness. This love song is the ultimate slow jam and this tempo transcends the feeling … See more. I know you would not disappoint coming this so much. OK.. As a 48 year old man.. Who lives for the likes of bread, the Jackson 5, the chi lites, the stylistics etc and the whole motown /phily sound, I wanna thankyou.. Seriously dude.. THANKYOU.. You made me cry!! As a multi instrumentalist and singer (of… See more

This is my reading doormat

This is my reading doormat 2

What you doing ? Where u at?.   This is my reading doormat · Follow Dripping in finesse .   · Follow.   · Follow. THANK YOU BRUNO AND ANDERSON FOR REMINDING PEOPLE WHAT REAL MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE! BEAUTIFUL, IT SOUNDS LIKE OLD SCHOOL GQ MUSIC ! LOVE A GQ FAN AND GRANDMA! FROM BACK IN THE DAY!. Ok then! Just naturally cool… What an AMAZING Song …. Awesome Pic…. *in my Moira Rose voice* when are we just going to be able to hear the rest of this fabulous concoction you call An Evening with Silk Sonic?. I love your music Bruno. And I understand you want to go into soft jazz now. But I’m a old music person and I’m afraid soft jazz doesn’t do it for me. I’m a fan of Uptown Funk and 24 caret gold. Your voice is so strong and you sound like the lead. Will… See more. I desperately need an album.

This is my reading doormat

This is my reading doormat 1

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