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That squad! If the results are not forthcoming we need to seriously introspect. I can see cavani and Rojo. We have good players in the bench and mediocre ones are always given game times. Its really very unfair. Sometimes I want to believe in Ole but I just can’t. Anyone with an idea for example why he let go of Lukaku?. Great to see some smiles. All the best with the PSG game. Can’t wait to see the lads on the pitch again!. We have shaky central defenders,,but OGS can’t give MARCOS ROJO playing times yet he’s better than MAGUIRE and others. I wonder if their shoes smell however I love them. Pls help me ask ole, is it a taboo to play Rojo?. Kenechukwu Chime. Mark Swizi The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster Let’s try to win against those Paris seriously we need that win badly after all this season without top flight . Bolaji J Ayinde

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A1

We just won a single game and everyone is acting like we are league champions.. the excitement is too much. In other non related news, Mourihno getting what he deserves From 3-0 to 3-3 against West Ham. Who can stop the spider-man . After we smash psg The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster We smash those rent boys who live under a certain rented blue bridge on Saturday . Am proud of you guys, Love you all. Misgina Deress. Please, Rojo should be given a play time. We all know how good he is at central back!. What happing to Lingardinho. . Fawas Ganiu. Our great legend. Where is *Phil Jones*? that guy has outlived all United managers but have not played up to a total of 20 games in about eight years. I definitely got the statistics wrong but I can’t be that far from truth.. What about Facundo Palistri?, I have not seen him training with others

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A2

Fred must be a having a special agent who gets him to be picked almost every week and all other non europeans in Man Utd need to wait I cant wait to see how cavani will miss 10 times against the goalkeeper and in front of an empty goal post….. Manchester united are going to humiliate the farmers king on tuesday , thats the comment. Paul Connor
We need to play to our strengths against PSG. If we sit back and try to hit them on the break with our defence, we’ll get slaughtered. Attack! Attack! Attack!!!. I would love to keep Iggy in the squad also…. Min The-La Misham Feyi
El Matador is here…he needs to represent in the UEFA CHAMPS match. Will love to see Cavani at the 9 position and martial pushed to the right wing where he’s much deadly. This shouldn’t be hard for Ole to figure out.

The moon waxing crescent first quarter poster A3

I think going forward this game has shown that, Mctominay can be used defensive midfield with time and instructions he can get better, Bruno can start from left with Mata on the right, Pogba and Van de Beek as attacking midfielders and a striker this w… . Kwame Kessie
Please tell your men to always locate rash when they get the ball, hes capable of any thing. One match 2 assist, 1 goal. He even deserve the 7 number.. Well done Ole. Shane Esders
I would love to see the diamond in midfield with two at the top Strikers: Rashford and Greenwood
CAM: Bruno Fernándes… See More. Class of 92 players are just fans now while Steve Bruce and Mark Hughes are still finding points for Manchester United. . The match really impressed as all areas improved and defencive problem also got better but there was slight error that occurred. Good work Ole and his squad

Lenny Kirsten
Dc guy has a soft heart like babies and characters d face
he z so Adorable i wl miss u Ole wen yo sacked
u dont get angry even if we abuse u still u put a smile. Irrespective of how we feel there are a lot of positivity to take from the game.
We can build from yesterday game and have impressive run for the rest of the season. All hope is not loss, the season is still young.. Terry Mason. I have been saying this, and I will continue to say it: We need a solid pattern of play more than we need players. The coach did well yesterday with respect to the pattern of play.. Dan James and Fred have gotta go they was shocking yesterday! Mata needs to stay in the team! Every time he plays hes a stand out player. I think the team played better defensively with out pogba they had better shape. I think pogba and greenwood are both defensive liabilities where I’m not sure you can play them at the same time with out knowing your going to leak goals

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