The hem of his garment poster


Paul JonesDomain have stuffed up the seating plan and the seats on the field are running backwards so great tickets end up not being the ones you paid for. What a joke and it’s a good thing it will be closed soon. . Jan ScottHey Adele ,so this is the only place I can see to ask you a favor. ( And yes , I know that 1 of your team will be updating for you) BUT I’m hoping that you get to hear this anyway. SO , my friends daughter bought her and her Mum a ticket for your Auck… See more9 . Mitch TaylorThankyou Adele for an amazing and heart-stopping performance in Sydney last night, you gridlocked Sydney’s streets, caused utter chaos on the trains and brought the city to a standstill, but you know what, it was so totally worth it, and I think Shae, … See more1 . Virginia SunshineYou were amazing Adele, I cannot come back down to earth after the beautiful trip you took us on! Please come back and do another Australian Tour, Your show was the gift that just kept giving!7  The hem of his garment poster

The hem of his garment poster

The hem of his garment poster A1

If you do not vote …….. you loose the right to have a whinge if things happen that you don’t agree with or want. So think carefully and for Gods sake VOTE. Generations before you gave their lives to give you this privilege!. please learn to sing tomorrow x. Hi Adele, was so looking forward to coming to London to see you perform. My tickets have arrived today from viagogo only to find my mum (who bought us the tickets for our30th and 40th birthdays) has been ripped off!! Don’t get me wrong you’re very tal… See more. Thank you british people for the Brexit. Your choice and Trump’s election are the best things that ever happen to give European Union a revival.. Vote labour! May not deserve be pm , after all police cutting, when she was in home office!. Did Labour win? Is May still the PM? News about your election is conflicting across the big pond. Thanks and congrats for getting a big turnout. Wish we had the same in our election. I think 42 percent of our citizens did not vote. The hem of his garment poster

The hem of his garment poster

The hem of his garment poster A2The hem of his garment poster A3

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