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Really, I respect,love and Proud of you and your Leaders to of a Day Proud President Joe Biden and his team!I don’t fear anyone to Appreciate you and your Leaders!Thank you for sharing my best of Growth Together!. Honoring their contributions do motivates the future generations to contribute intensively and henceforward lead to the development within the state and the globe at large. All the best to you . I love photos of you putting these medals on people Mr President…you always seem to be performing this act with such care and reverence for the recipients . On the anniversary of his death, the best way we can honor John Lewis’ life is by following his final marching order to keep moving—by fighting voter suppression and passing strong laws that ensure every citizen can vote and have their vote counted.. Republicans should for once be reasonable and make it easier for every legitimate American Citizen to cast his or her vote.Thanks President Obama keep reminding them Tennessee Eagle Flag

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Mandela is turning in his grave with the recent events and a SA president without backbone.. What about those leaders that are trashing his legacy in SA right now? I don’t think Madiba would ever envision what is happening in that beautiful country right now. . President Madela, may God have mercy on him, was a good man, an example to follow in peace and forgiveness at its most intense and challenging.. Barack Obama i want to join you Foundation am in Africa and its wild out here. I want to make change as well in my community. Mandela was great. But not greater than Muhamar Gadaffi. One day, our children’s children will celebrate the right heroes. Not the heroes according to the West.. My dear leader and Mr President. It is my duty as a human being to write or express to you about my Continent Africa. Though I miss home so much and I have another family of mine here the Us now, I still wish there are leaders like you to listen and le… See more Tennessee Eagle Flag

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