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RIP, you served our Country admirably.. This man deserves our praise and admiration, not disparaging remarks. He saw his duty during a dark time for our country and he did his best to defend and protect those in harm’s way. Salute.. RIP , “the Don” – We met in Iraq and I’ll never forget how decisive you were with your “get sh*t done” attitude. Fearless and distinguished.. As a Veteran during your tenure, it was an honor to serve with you as President and Secretary Rumsfeld leading the DoD. RIP Secretary Rumsfeld, you did good.. My dad was the gymnastics coach at New Trier HS in Winnetka, Illinois and also coached “Donny” Rumsfeld in wrestling in the late 1940’s. Years later my daughter met him at a Heritage Foundation event..when she said she was Joe G’s granddaughter, he st… See more. I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Rumsfield but I held him in great regard for his many services to our nation. He will be missed by his friends, his family and his nation. Soot sprites totoro mug

Soot sprites totoro mug

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Great Tribute to a Great American, Mr. President!. We also could not have had a greater President to be Commander and Chief during that time. God bless you both.. Thank you President Bush. I too admired Secretary Rumsfeld. He was a true patriot.. Served his country where ever he was needed. A man of great character and humor. Rest in Peace well done…good and faithful servant . An incredible American and public servant. Loved his press conferences! God Bless. Rest in God’s Loving embrace, and thank you for your service to this country. Our condolences to your family and friends.. I met Mr. Rumsfeld and President Bush in 2003 on board the USS Abraham Lincoln. Rest in peace sir and thank you President for posting a beautiful tribute to him.. Having served in the military from 2002-2006 and in Operation Iraqi Freedom I know that both you and he had our best interests a heart. I am very glad decisive men such as Mr Rumsfeld and yourself where leading the way. I feel sorry for those in the … See more Soot sprites totoro mug

Soot sprites totoro mug

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