Skull heart anerican flag shirt


Fix your system and stop banning us because of our opinions, stop treating us like kids in elementary school, we’re not your kids..   Skull heart anerican flag shirt · Follow. This post is so inspirational it’s touches my heart, Soul, mind, ears, glands, aorta, pancreas, liver, spleen, cerebal cortex, and my gastrointestinal tract.. Sir our concerns are not on these things. We need cure for COVID.. Industrial progress does not mean anything in lack of humanity, you always stand with the wrong side. Please, before thinking about progress, review your society’s policy first.. Such open hypocrisy of west, tbh. All their talks about civilization, humanity and democracy is as per their own convenience. . Double standards !! We are banned when we stand with Palestine against land rapists, against the ones who commits massacre and ethnic cleansing day and night!.   · Follow. I will never forget the day my father beat me and i pretended to be dead..He cried and called all the clan ..When i woke up they beat me again

Skull heart anerican flag shirt

Skull heart anerican flag v-necl

My son’s congenital heart defect was not detected. We were high risk due to his other issues and had many scans, a fetal echo, and nothing was found until after he was born. As a mother of a child born with congenital heart disease and not knowing about it until he was just a couple of weeks old- I whole heartedly applaud this technology. So you can figure out how to fix the heart defects in utero, or just use the tech as an excuse to abort the baby?. Amazing stuff I have lost most of my family due to heart disease and lung cancer so this is amazing stuff just wonder how much it would cost would insurance even cover it?. Mark it would be cool if you replied to this for fun. Mark Zuckerberg pls abled my account Gannaur Cricket… As long as people dont determine that because a child may not be perfect, they shouldn’t be thrown away by murdering them in abortion, I’m fine with the technology. It’s never the tools but what one chooses to do with them that matters, to me. Skull heart anerican flag shirt

Skull heart anerican flag shirt

Skull heart anerican flag tankSkull heart anerican flag long sleeve

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