Si tu n'as rien de sympa à dire mug


Ayesha KanwalDouble standards !! We are banned when we stand with Palestine against land rapists, against the ones who commits massacre and ethnic cleansing day and night! People please, read, educate yourself about the horrible things that is going on in Pale… See more155 . Sanchita Paul  · FollowSir Mark, we thank you for the invention of the Facebook appA new loophole where old Facebook accounts are reused by people who are not account holders, and they are also buying it nd EMAILS will be deleted by Gmail, which will allow new people to use… See more41 . Jodi SkeltonI really could care less about you or anything you have to say. Why am I seeing your posts? I sure haven’t friended you. Yes I use your platform but that doesn’t mean I want to hear from you. Just like shopping at Walmart, I shop there but I never g… See more68  Si tu n’as rien de sympa à dire mug

Si tu n’as rien de sympa à dire mug

Si tu n'as rien de sympa à dire mug 2

Marvin Bloomeri think you do work at book store as you are doing NOTHING about cyber bullying online35 . Sanchita Dutta  · FollowMark it’s obvious you are a smart guy, but you refuse to do the right thing. With great power come great responsibility and you choose to not take any. I don’t know why, I try to not always attribute malice to people’s motivations but the results of … See more151 . Ravi Kumar  · FollowMark, one of my requests to you is to give everyone a chance to express themselves on Facebook like everyone else. It’s a way of expressing one’s opinion to the public, so it’s your responsibility to let everyone express their opinion, I hope I unders… See more47 . WhileWild   · FollowHello Mark! If just one person read this, it will honestly make my day. I am a guitarist and pianist, songwriter and I know people write this all the time but I believe I’ll be the one you’ll be happy to listened to. I do all my songs and my videos by … See moreYOUTUBE.COMWhileWild – Hawaii (Official Music Video) 4KWhileWild – Hawaii (Official Music Video) 4K134  Si tu n’as rien de sympa à dire mug

Si tu n’as rien de sympa à dire mug

Si tu n'as rien de sympa à dire mug 1

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