Shih tzu proud nation flag


Shih tzu proud nation flag · Follow.   · Follow.   · Follow. Life is transient. Let’s always learn to appreciate everyone we encounter at the moment.. This young girl has so little compared to Western standards, but so much. She wears a beautiful smile on her face . The doctor said that i only have 2 months to live, so I killed the doctor, and the judge gave me 20 years of life in prison. I’m an Alpha kid.   · Follow. If you allow Trump to come back on Facebook you will lose a lot of revenue that means a lot of bucks not in your pocket! ! ! ! ! !. Dear Mark Your social media community standard are more poisonous than Corona virus. Don’t worry mr mark. We can’t change that what happened in past. My deep condolences to his family and friends . Why did you close my page Mercy and forgiveness from God

Shih tzu proud nation flag

Shih tzu proud nation flag 2

Mark Zuckerburg, I understand your Oversight Board is making an announcement tomorrow about Mr. Trump’s access to the Facebook platform. I am urging you to ban him from Facebook forever. It is clear that his behavior prior to and on January 6th inci… See more. Mark is lining his pockets with all of this corona mess. Keep drinking the kool-aide….It will eventually kill you.. #Ethiopia Shih tzu proud nation flag #HearTheVoiceOfOromo #FreeAllPoliticalPrisonersinEthiopia. Maybe you can help me, you don’t have to give money. My wife is depressed and obese, I have back pain and due to Covid-19 I do not do physical therapy.. Mwebeko umunobe Bill Gates abweshe umukashi wakwe. You aged fast in this picture Mark. Great Faceapp update.. Mark Zuckerberg pandemic isn’t the only Emergency that needs donation, please also donate for other things such Food, shelter, Empowerment etc.. I need it.. my country needs it as well . The scientific world is amazing. They worked wonders last year. Selfless and fast exchange of information like never before.

Shih tzu proud nation flag

Shih tzu proud nation flag 1

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