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Hey Boss I made a Daddy Robe in that color for you . Ala u are beautiful. We love your songs. I could remember when u were young, beautiful and have everlasting sweet soft voice… School bus pattern hawaiian shirt How time flies.. Rihanna,please drop something for us, a single, better yet, an album. I am missing your melody, your art…. You’re so beautiful Rihanna,my dream is to date you one day even you are old infact am in love with you. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL A WORK OF ART. Hey RIHANNA, please check out my little cousin Talyse Barnes @talyseanir_ She is a young entrepreneur/ Stylist with her own studio. She’s a very hard worker and has been creating a buzz for herself. She does great work… See More. I grew up listening to your songs and im not even a teen yet and my mom passed away and one of your songs with Eminem my mom used to listen to it and now when I listen to it I cry

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Song never feed yr stomach. U have to be a hard worker to feed yr stomach.. Not only the richest and most powerful female Entertainer, she’s an amazing business woman. Also kind, upright and humble. This lady is the real deal.. Rihanna is great person. You will never grow old, always looking sweet … How I wish.. .. I always fall in love for wish I could see you someday to tell how deep I feel for you. My parents told me to choose between you and them. I miss them. Looking great as usual in the Tye dye. Much love, when I grow up I want to be like you . My Mami, You look stunning. Please come to Nigeria and identify with your tribe, the IGBO. I learnt our Igbos settled in the Caribbean, Island of Barbados that’s why you bear Rihanna same name with us here. Tobenna, Lotenna, and Jidenna. You know Jide… See More School bus pattern hawaiian shirt

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