Rugby to my son love dad poster


“You will meet your old photos, your old clothes, and your old words, so smile at them and salute the person you were …. Well in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and every one op… See more. Ïtz Cod Rugby to my son love dad poster Like  · Reply · 5 w. And also with you!. The best place on the earth . This photo really breaks my heart not because of this photo, it because it says “use data to see photo”. I urgently ask you to tell the world that Colombia is in danger, Colombians are experiencing one of the most difficult moments in their entire history. THEY ARE KILLING US, young people even minors and adults. The police and the ESMAD mercilessly shoot… See more

Rugby to my son love dad poster

Rugby to my son love dad poster A3

Vivek Verma   · FollowI’ve heard there was an AI created by you guys which started talking in their language of own so you guys killed them ! Huh was that right!?109 . Destiny MaynardWhy don’t you stick to censorship on social media 45 . John M. Sweeney   · FollowHey Mark Zuckerberg would you be willing to have a virtual chat sometime? I wanna chat about the kindness documentary you guys did on me a few years back. Perhaps if some people like this you might say yes?!..607 . Natalie SmithHow about you invent something to protect our children online!72 . Andrea Rupp VilaychithThis will be a godsend for parents who wish their child’s condition could have been detected and treated sooner!My best friend has a chd son. He had a lot of surgeries but is now doing amazing and almost ready to start school.54 . Khalil AlekerWe don’t really care Mark!What we do care about is PALESTINE, and how YOU are sensoring content in support of it.77  Rugby to my son love dad poster

Rugby to my son love dad poster

Rugby to my son love dad poster A2Rugby to my son love dad poster A1

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