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We can’t even pass a stimulus to get people businesses back up and running at full capacity. Aren’t we supposed to be the most advanced creation on the planet? Queen of weed poster Are you a socialist? Cutting checks for every citizen and now removing taxes. Uhh, what about Social Security? Best part about all this…Trump actually DOES what he says. He’s not all talk. Can’t wait to vote for you!

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Queen of weed poster

Every day more and more walk away from the democratic party. I pray more are awakened and unity is met, but we must turn the House, gain in the Senate and keep our POTUS. Queen of weed poster The left does not get it. We don’t want free stuff, we want to work and earn it. We want the freedom to pursue our own happiness. We love sports. We want our children to go to school and our kids want to go back to school. Open the states back up. The … See More

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Queen of weed poster

true americans will vote for you this november!! Queen of weed poster I’m all for everything you said….EXCEPT the vaccine. WE DON’T WANT IT! Well said. The anti American anti God movement has a party and it bleeds Democrat Blue. We can only PRAY you win..plus vote of course.. I can really see how your strategy of trying to keep things calm works. Anyone that would vote for Biden definitely has a brain disorder! It might not be the same as the one Biden has, but still relevant!

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