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Congratulations Pugs god says you are poster to all of them. Welcome to the United States of America . Congrats to all of them! I am both happy and sad that my husband has his naturalization ceremony next week. I am not able to attend due to Covid regulations and I believe it to be unfair. This is a huge day for our family and none of us will be there t… See more. I enjoyed this so much! Such inspiring stories from these new citizens and I loved President Bush’ passion and joy in being a part of it!. Just seeing and listening to you makes me feel better about the state of our country. Just as after 9/11, you know the exact tone to strike with our nation for reconciliation and bringing dignity back to the presidency. God bless you Mr. President and … See more. This was so inspiring! I enjoyed watching the ceremony and hearing their stories. Looking forward to your book!

Pugs god says you are poster

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In light of the chaos and crisis the ILLEGAL aliens and the Biden Administration are fomenting on our border against American Citizens and LEGAL immigrants, I think the timing and implications of this book are disgusting. George Bush has turned into … See more. Not interested in what George W Bush thinks about anything. While I’m commenting, I thought better of Laura Bush, but the fact she went silent on the trashing of Melania Trump proves to me she isn’t any better then the rest of the liberals.. Not too happy with George Bush right now! Bush, Romney and others opposed President Trump, and got their wish. Now Dems running country so far left we will never recover. Thanks Bush, Romney, and McCain families! RL. Such a disappointment …..was one of my favorites.. When you were president I defended you when someone said bad things about you. I had no idea how wrong I was. I thought you cared about our country, but you don’t and never did. Let all these illegals come live on your ranch and you pay for them. Pugs god says you are poster

Pugs god says you are poster

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