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Young man your going to run yourself ragged. So happy you had a year off and hope you got some much needed rest. We have tickets for your Dallas show and have kept them since last year. Emily is very excited to see you again. Take care of yourself … See more. So disappointed the Vancouver show was cancelled rather than postponed. I worked hard getting the seats I wanted. Would have preferred a postponement. If I’m being honest, this isn’t a good look on your team, and doesn’t reflect well on you with you… See more. Hello Harry l understand the Covid situation and how much turmoil it’s brought into our lives but my daughters & l have had our tickets for London for 2yrs now! Why does it feel as if we are being forgotten about in the U.K. . So angry about the Toronto shows. Not only have you cancelled without telling anyone, but you went and booked another gig on that date! If you’re able to tour the US, you should be able to tour Canada. Poster turtle god says you are

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im truly sorry for all the people with tickets to canada shows. you deserve them just as much as the rest of us. now we are waiting for infos about uk and eu tour, hopefully we will know something soon cause all of this waiting and hoping for somethin… See more. We understand! The safety and well-being of all of your crew and yourself is very important! . I keep hoping that things will get better soon, not only in Brazil, but in the whole world so that this show comes to us. So, what about the August 16 Vancouver Date?. If only the ticket prices were FALLING a little bit…there is a FINE LINE what I’m willing to spend on a concert unfortunately!. Please come to Paraguay Poster turtle god says you are one day! . Wow Harry you’re still alive. So annoying that UK shows aren’t being plannned yet and being left in the dark why don’t you just cancel them and refund all your fans rather than clinging on to their well earned money and saying we will be notified later. Restrictions are being lift… See more

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