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Stop with the scare tactics. What most of us are afraid of is 4 more years of your craziness. Poster surfing knowledge Do you do anything else but tweet all day?? Why should a President have to say “LAW & ORDER?” I’m going to be doing voting the same why my democrat friends did it the last time around. I’ll be voting by mail and in person !! My entire family is voting for #Trump2020 by mail plus we’re all going in person too. That should off set the democr… See More

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Poster surfing knowledge

The first three years the Democrats did everything they could to get Conservatives to lash out with violence and we refused to comply. Now, they are doing exactly what they failed to get us to do. They are truly pathetic. Poster surfing knowledge It astounds me that posts like this come from the leader of the free world. This is like a bad dystopian movie. This election is beyond the Red n Blue …. It’s also about the right n wrong… The good n bad… AND let’s not forget Theres a spiritual warfare in the mix

Poster surfing knowledge

Fear and panic are your brand… and, yet, you will try to claim the contrary. What a silly man Poster surfing knowledge This is your Country President Donald J. Trump. This is all on you. Why would anyone ever vote for you again? You are a disaster now like you have been the last 30 years don’t even concede the election if the numbers don’t come in, we all know its going to be democrats fraud Trying to get people to panic again?

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