Poster jesus he walk on water


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Are you fine with the protesters burning down your home? You certainly seem fine with BLM burning other people’s communities.. What you stand for and your Anti American rhetoric is chilling. Your another entitled celebrity who should stay in your own lane,. It’s ironic how you speak of a “bigger love”, yet you, yourself can’t grasp that type of love. I will no longer support you John because of your stance on defunding the police. It is hypocritical of you to say something like this since you are protec… See More. Donald Trump turns 74 today. I am Canadian & I think that Trump has done a splendid job of running the USA. I boycott John Legend because he slanders Trump. Happy Birthday, Donald!. While I used to love your music I no longer like what you stand for. An album I will not buy. I was once a fan. It’s sad that you would support defunding the police. As I posted on Jane Fonda’s page, you live behind your protected barriers never dealing with the POS on these streets yet sit in judgment. How about walkin… See More Poster jesus he walk on water

Poster jesus he walk on water

Jesus he walk on water poster A1

Sorry John won’t be listening to your music anymore or buying it because you’re getting people out of jail that have cost other people their businesses I’m going to be praying to Jesus to save your soul. Mr. John Legend,. I don’t want digital, I’m old school. When does the cd come out lol. Is this your wife?. I love your voice , but not your voice against police. I sadly say goodbye.. Your words are so Inspiring. I cant wait to hear it.. Nothing more to say!!!!. What in Sam Hill were you doing on that island? Shame on you. How was Epstein Island??? That why you hate Trump? Or just why your wife does not age….. #defundhollywood. Your wife has made it hard to find Goya products. They are flying off the shelves and longtime buyers are forced to wait for new shipments.. I will never buy your music I boycott you and your wife. You guys have money so nothing that happens will ever affect you. So leave us people to our Trump loving economy that you have absolutely no help then. You both make me sick you use your form to … See More Poster jesus he walk on water

Poster jesus he walk on water

Jesus he walk on water poster A2

Just another Anti-American elite that could care less about what happens to working Americans because he is RICH and will be fine in the long run..So out of touch with reality..Stay the hell out of politics and quit brainwashing America! Boycott John L… See More. I love his music and he is a very talente musician. That being said, I encourage everyone not to support him or his music since he agrees in defunding police as he sits in his mansion with his own security. You don’t care about the American people. … See More. Rayne Page
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· Reply · 22w. Hey John… so you signed a letter in support of defunding police ?? Let me ask you something Johnny boy … do you have personal security?? Do you have Gates and barriers protecting your property ?? When you go places in public , do you ever get polic… See More. Let’s boycott the Voice instead of Goya. Bring Adam Levine back. See ya John

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