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Harvey Thabo Phakathi. Josh G Noakes. Everything related to the third kit is completely senseless. It is hideous but the Man Utd badge makes it alright.. Thought I was tripping for a second. A garment uglier than Mike Duxbury—well done all!. Prince Robert Victor Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster Never gave the manager his list of players and not even his 2nd choice players, and here they are talking business. What a bunch of Pratts. #GlazersOut. If u want to win psg play Alex and Donny and tominay These players are serious than shaw and Pogba. Codelle Ramdas Known to cause blurry vision and dizziness. Once again I say never mind the fashion dont give the profit to the glazers. Mohd Mrmz. Omg did a 2 year old with a pack of crayons design it ?. Magnus Bredeli Haugland Why? So the Glazers can get even richer? NO thanks. #GlazersOutWoodwardOut. Welcome back my man you are the only player missing in our back line stand steel.

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster

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Both!! Sorry, Im a Brightonian, so support them and Man U!! (And if anyone thinks I’m stupid, I was married to a Manc! 1973 is when I first got into them!). How Bruno changes his run tells you everything about him as a player.. Jakom Kasri. Both goals are superb but the first one had a lot of creativity n team work than the second one which was more of counterattack. And Rashford exercised maturity n passed the ball to Fernandez. Close but Bruno’s last night absolutely brilliant goal fantastic move and great ball from Juan Mata and great pass from Donny into Juan that’s why I think Donny must start on Tuesday against PSG for me. Isaac Wambi. Man is at it’s best when they play counter attack football. But the coach starts going crazy for hundreds of touches near the 18yard it’s does helpopposition in the premiership is very matured to con made for goals with such play. Am sad that I wond… Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster

Black woman melanin queen unapologetic dope poster

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Against New Castle is the best look at van beek, mata, Ashford and the finish from Bruno. Jeremy Greer. Rehan MN. Asyrafullah Muhamad Nasir. Murad Hasan Hredoy. The build-up against Newcastle is absolutely sublime and Bruno’s finish is simply incredible. The Newcastle one for me. Blistering counter with a quality goal at the end. Both are a prime example of what we have in our locker we just need to find the key to pull it of consistently. Dre Young Buck Richards. Cm Yasir. Kruben Pillay. Rooney and Ronaldo duo-counter against Bolton is the best. Both goals are nice,but the one against Newcastle to me is more nice. Both goals also star Mt with a Maguire clearance and somehow his site….. Pls Ole please don’t put Pogba again he is the keyman to slow down the team, this is good demonstration good performance team without him again. The one they are going to score the next game

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Jerry Ang. The first video had more passes and tactics while the second was more of precise counter attack. Dean Woolley. The intelligent movement of Bruno in the last second running in to out cannot be overstated.. Brett Campbell. The latest one should win goal of the season. It wont, it will go to a volley by an individual. But, looking at that goal yesterday, the team play was beautiful. Proud to be behind Ole.. The comon denominator here is maguire, he started both attack with a great header out of the 18 yards box. And the pains directly goes straight to Rented Stadium in London farmers . Daniel Farr. Obvious they are compensating for a lack of consistent wins, so update the same game a million times before the next game GGMU wins. we win one match and our page keeps boasting about it as if we have won the league management/club focusing too much on PR

Vikram Roy Mehta
Marcus Rashfords game by numbers vs. Newcastle United:
85% Pass accuracy…
Play GIF
GIPHY. Newcastle as gone let focus on paris hw to get our 3 point against them so dat d win mentality wil continue against chelsea?nd make sure u start juan mata ahead of pogba. Why there was no quizz when we were thrashed by Purs..before the Spurs thrashing we won Brighton and we thought we are super..stop sugarcoating the reality.. Meli Shah Shadrack. Stop posting about Newcastle, we won the game and it was a must winning it. So let’s move on. When we start having consecutive wins that’s when we are free to make the noise. There was no quiz when u lost 6-1 to spurs banter club. Kim Buckey Mc Intosh. Anh chị em nào đam mê bet bóng ảo Saba vào tường nhà mình có hàng cực nóng giúp anh chị em tự bet kèo win 100% ạ. Đảm bảo hàng độc quyền mời mọi người xem qua và tự đánh giá chất lượng ạ.

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