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I love those but they are too expensive to afford. You could keep a discount offer for ‘the 1’ anniversary of ‘folklore’. . Blue wants to know if the Lord Huron concert on September 13th is in your itenraray. It’s Blue’s birthday…..Red. Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die Plant These Save The Bees Classic Cap I don’t belong, and my beloved, neither do you Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry… See more. I love Taylor Swift! You go Taylor!!. Love your shirt s :))). I love you Taylor and your amazing voice and music. Love you to the moon and to Saturn, you turn my life into folklore . Happy Anniversary Folklore.. Best album of all time.. . Herman Chan. Just gonna stare at your every merch and physical albums cause I’m broke. But I still love you Tay! . Cassi Clark Carpenter. Almost Taylor swift album and song is so grateful

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Plant These Save The Bees Classic Cap 2

Fatima Ansari. I bought the “lost in the memory” hoodie!! I’m so excited for it to come. I got a lot from this release. 2 hoodies, 1 matching sweat pants, 1 long skeeved white shirt and the journal!! I can’t wait to get them!!. YAAS THE FOLKLORE CAP AND HOODIE ARE LEGIT MY FAVORITES. I WOULD BUY AND WEAR THEM AND THEN POST A PIC WOULD YOU FLEX ME??!?!. I can’t wait to see the RED items! . I can’t wait for Red (Taylor’s Version). I loveee the notebook and box!!. The diaristic item is appealing and, while you might be traveling away from diaristic songs those were some of your best in my opinion.. m broke so why are rubbing salt in my wounds . My sister ordered a merch from taylor store sadly the merch got lost while handling by the cargo. I’m disappointed by the cargo carrier. The store is really nice the problem is when the product was handled by the courier or the cargo it has a tendency to get lost. Plant These Save The Bees Classic Cap

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