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“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” “Get it right and keep it tight.” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Rest In Peace. As for the rest of us, we have our work cut out to honor RBGs wishes this morning and… See More Oh my eyes phoebe poster I have emailed both NC senators. Fair is fair. To honor Justice Ginsburg’s legacy, we must get out and vote out the derelict mobsters currently running our government.

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Oh my eyes phoebe poster

My heart breaks for her and her family. Rest in peace RBG. Your fight lives on within us! Oh my eyes phoebe poster I pray for her family, her friend, our nation, and that you will be able to pick our next Supreme Court Justice Justice Ginsburg, believed in us woman, she is passing the paton to us! We must pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and push on. Let us fight hard for our rights. Let’s not let the memory of this courageous woman down. RIP our dear FRIEND! Let’s not le… See More

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Oh my eyes phoebe poster

I have made a donation to Biden-Harris in honor The Notorious RBG. Blessings on her work, her legacy, and her memory. May her loved ones find comfort during this personal loss. Oh my eyes phoebe poster Good luck with that Mr Vice President, but you can’t reason with the unscrupulous. We must take the Senate, take the WH and then add four more seats to the Supreme Court. Pack the court, Joe. You can make amends for letting Clarence Thomas become a Supreme Court justice.

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