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There is a common misconception that suicide is planned. Sometimes it is a spontaneous reaction to overwhelming feelings of sadness, despair, and depression. Sometimes there isn’t time to leave a note or consider who will find the body or who will be l… See More Nurse brew poster This is haunting and so sad because I feel like we’ve done an awful job of helping people with mental illness and childhood trauma. There’s a stigma around it, still to this day, that keeps people from feeling like asking for help is as normal as askin… See More

Nurse brew poster A2

Nurse brew poster

Silence has a thousand reasons to comfort you and a thousand more to torture you. What a tragic story I felt this in every bone in my body. Nurse brew poster I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for introducing us to Mark. It sounds like he overcame so much in his life and was an amazing person. He didn’t say goodbye because he didn’t want to leave you but he couldn’t live with his pain anymore. I’m so sorry. Suicide is so painful for everyone apart from the person no longer in pain.

Nurse brew poster

My husband came from a horrible family situation. We have been together 32 years now. I realized that I was his beacon of light, that our family we created was the best thing he will ever have. Sometimes there is so much sadness from our youth we never… See More Nurse brew poster Thank you for your compassion. Your ability to see and love his inner child is incredibly loving. It would be so easy to be angry. You are a strong woman.

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