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Happy Birthday SANDRA. Health and Happiness for the year ahead. Love SANDRA and John.xx. Happy Birthday to mum x it’s mine tomorrow . Happy birthday mama Beckham, you deserve the best.. Happy birthday to u “mum” Never forget september 11th classic cap The child you brought to the world is an inspiration to many. Happy birthday to your mother and congratulation for being able to raise an amazing father and human being like you.. Beautiful Photo i wonderful Mom.. Happy Birthday to you mum! . Happy birthday to Sandra, we all love you mummy, we like what Mr David Beckham is doing for the youth. Happy birthday David’s mother sandra. Happy Birthday Sandra. Dean x. Happy birthday ma’m.. All the best on your birthday mom . Does or did your little sister play football. Happy birthday football’s mum!. Happy birthday best defender in the world ever. Always be remembered by you David Beckham if what you have reached till the second now, because your mother’s prayers. So, cherishing and loving your mother sincerely. We’ve known if your mother is your heaven.

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Happy birthday Mrs Beckham . Happy birthday to her . Happy Birthday Sandra x. Awh, how lovely. I share my birthday with your mum and my sons are as loving and caring as you xxx. We are lucky ladies . Happy Birthday to Grandma you have done very well on David.. Happy birthday Mama Beckham You certainly are a great mum Look at the results of your efforts We love you all xx. Happiest birthday wishes to you madam. And thank you for creating such gorgeous children. Enjoy your day.. Happy birthday to you our mother, God will continue to be with you. Happy birthday to your awesome mum ! . Your Mum did a great job! Happy birthday!!!. Happy Birthday Mr Beckham X. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mummy x . Happy birthday Sandra!. Happy birthday to your beautiful mum…God bless her always. . Hippy birthday for your mother and for beautiful family! Never forget september 11th classic cap

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