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Kris Jackson Nederland heart cities poster Like  · Reply · 8w. Tracy Compton Like  · Reply · 8w. Kris Jackson Like  · Reply · 8w. Diane Lyons Like  · Reply · 8w. Noah Saludes Like  · Reply · 8w. Linda Levins Like  · Reply · 8w. Donald Meacham Like  · Reply · 8w. This guy had 47 yrs to fix our country…. Watch out, these liberals will stop at nothing. Tracy Compton Like  · Reply · 8w. Donald Meacham Like  · Reply · 8w. Tracy Compton Like  · Reply · 8w. We’ve already voted for Biden/Harris and Amy McGrath. . Melissa M. Mora Like  · Reply · 8w. I will not watch the voice anymore. Celebrities need to keep political opinion to them selves.. Stacey Davy Like  · Reply · 8w. Not biden but I still luv u John. Donald Meacham Like  · Reply · 8w. I can’t wait for taxes to rise, that free health insurance, and education so I can go back to school and defunding the police – I’m sure all those highly compensated musicians and artists can’t wait to pay their fair share of taxes as well. It’s goin… See More. I cannot fathom how anyone with a brain can vote for Biden at this point after all his lies and corruption have been exposed. I won’t even get started on friggin Kamala. WAKE UP PEOPLE

Nederland heart cities poster

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Congratulations Nederland heart cities poster John. You wrote a beautiful song that plays ours. Really the best of you. You are diamond ♡ Pause GIF Tenor. I heard this beautiful song sung live by you and it was AMAZING!!!!. Beautiful song and helps me beyond belief to listen to these wonderful lyrics in a horrific time. It was my wedding song! My husband and I looked in each other’s eyes and sang it to one another. Thank YOU for this song. My husband and I both loved this song, it describes a bit of what our relationship was like.. Such a beautiful song I still remember all the lyrics am your fun from Africa Kenya. I have the lyrics on my bedroom wall. Love this song so much. Congrats, John!!. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sweet Jack. Keeping you and Chrissy in my thoughts and prayers.. Love this song. Your voice is just beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Nederland heart cities poster

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Congratulations!. My wedding song! Love all your music! By far my favorite artist. Congratulations! This was my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding song.. One of my favorites I love to hear hubby play it and sing it to me. This was mine and my husbands first dance song.. still makes me cry listening to it.. It was my wedding songs. Very memmorable song for me. Thank u for this song . Congratulations. Congratulations. Best song ever!
Keep it up John! The world needs to get back to love and romance. So tired of the trash and vulgarity in lyrics that is so popular now. Thank you John! Everybody can relate to love… there is just too little of it.. This song is perfect…On our wedding day my husband and I chose to play it for the cutting of the cake…it will always be the soundtrack of our best moments. Thank you for writing this wonderful song!!

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