Motorcycle corner hapiness isn_t around the corner poster


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That was a phenomenal save that came down to reflexes and anticipation Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster credit to Dave he showed us a glimpse of his class when his in fine form great win, we needed this for the Paris game. Never weighed down due to the penalty loss.. Yuri Mevan Majaw. Great save.. I cheered like it was a goal amazing. How did he get down there. Oh wait.. hes one of the best. That’s why.. Cee Jay Fredrick And someone said we struggle against them . That he did it today is never enough reason for me to accept his flops. Good but never my best nor was he in his best. Shine atleast for you are paid to do so. My Best remain Romero. He was injured and was in a pain but still got up to save the possible goal. We need that kind of attitude from all squad and trust me nobody will be able to stop us.

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn't around the corner poster A1

We’ve conceded a lot of goals so far this season but he’s actually been very handy! He’s made a lot of great saves and has looked almost back to his best!. It was a great save by Dave, but we must stop relying on moments like these to win games. 82. That’s normal. He has been doing this for years. He just cant save against our defenders. Outstanding save.. Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster Sorry Henderson . U cant bench David. U can never be sure with degea these days but great performance today deserved a clean sheet.. KT Moloto Hes big, he’s brave, he’s Spanish Dave. He makes great saves, he never shaves. He’s flying through the air. Come and have a shot if you dare.. Marvin Mulemwa I know it’s none of my business but why didn’t Newcastle substitute their keeper??. Brilliant save… I hope united will continue performing at this kind of level, and not just a temporary bounce back that will last for a short period of time… glory glory man utd

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn’t around the corner poster

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn't around the corner poster A2

Can wee talk about how shocking pogba was once again.. Doesnt deserve to wear the shirt. Brilliant game changing save!!! They score that and we on the back foot again chasing the game.. Tawfeeq Abrahams
1 save and his the hero again
dont make me jas. Gibe Dean Henderson a start i just want to see something. If we ganna start this man,van de beek and telles we will win every game . Daniel McGuinness. It was Not bad ..I feel his sharpness level has dropped a bit ..I thought he could do something about that OG… Yes we can…it’s what I’d expect of a keeper on his wages.. Johnson Yip. Gifted Hands Textile Merchants
When are we getting a clean sheet this season, Luke Shaw cost us a clean sheet in this match and I can wait for David de Gea to win the best keeper with the highest clean sheet….

Motorcycle corner hapiness isn't around the corner poster A3

He don’t deserve it.. just like Maguire. Iz. My squad vs PSG. Dean Henderson. Williams,. Bailly, Maguire,. Telles,van beek,. Tominay,. Pogba,. Mata,. Cavani,. Martial. SUBSTITUTION. Rashford. Marcus had
2 assist for goal. What happened to Rashford with two assist and one goal. Mctominy deserve man of the match with Mata they were incredible. Ole has a problem of team selection when he gets thr right balance of the team …this utd team will outplay and win so many matches convincingly ..wen you look at the bench last night u see quality ..that is the united way and standard .. Mata is the man of the match. Kyaw Htet. Bernardo Hernandez. Going to church and believing in witchcraft ur provoking point is at home.Gudnyt. Mata remains my own man of the match. Radford man of the March bczi score and make two asisist. Team for match against #PSG. Best signing by country mile , since SAF left the club

He tried But Juan Mata should be the Captain.He needs more playing time ,He is a Game Changer. It is an awkward moment when you realized the defender scored more goals than the forward in this match.. Prastama Pinandita
A picture speaks better than thousand of words. Henning Olsen
No other keeper in our squad can make that save.. Paul Connor
Even Pogba managed to run more than his usual 3 miles an hour! Great save by David. Hope this gives him confidence. Actually everybody in the team play very well. Even manager too.. Thats why they won the game.. Its not individual games. Its team work game… Dea gea can dissapoint ,all it takes his mood for the game ….if he feel we desparet need the win he plays safe…. So we got nth to say abt the game, Tuesday game will reflects. Seetsa Captain Pastor Khesombha. I know we havent been doing well as of late, but I do miss seeing a picture of De Gea jumping when we win!

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