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Wendy SwanThat looks fun. Great to see you at the movies. I love going to the movie theater. 58 . 林路得I am from Taipei, Taiwan. One day I dreamed of you. I started tracking you. I appreciate you after middle age. I hope to be careful when filming. No amount of money is important to life. Good luck~ Frances-Lin28 . Larisa MuddWonderful,another movie with Tom 46 . Eugenio ArielIt is really sad knowing Tom Cruise liked a movie with Robert Pattison…21 . Olgitka GrushaHi Tom, when will there be new Mission impossible movie? That is my favourite series of movies22 . Sylwia SzTom my favourite actor… I would like to see you real one day real but it is not possible,… Have a great days happiness and cheers ,. greetings 70 . Karen CloudIts easy for the biggest actor in the world to sneak around town with a mask on in hopes of not being found out . Love ya Tom! Call me you gave my number… gave it to you at the JR2 premier in Knoxville… and a hug. The woman with the long dark ha… See more21  Metallica 3d all over printed shirt

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Metallica 3d all over printed hoodie

Safest and most logical decision. We waited 34 years. Don’t worry, a few more months will only make it worth soooo much more!!!! Stay safe as well!. Too bad…. But we will wait. As a fighter pilot getting in the academy in 1988 and watching the first movie over 400 times, knowing by hard every single line, I can wait o few months more. Thank you Tom for everything…. Will be a great Christmas gift for us all to look forward to watching . Great decision. I was fearful it would be released on Netflix before cinema!. People are sick and dying throughout the entire world Tom… I’m sure your movie is not a top thought right now. I swear celebrities have no shame!. I’ll wait as long as I have too! Top Gun is one of the best movies out there, Maverick will be amazing and is worth waiting for! Stay safe Metallica 3d all over printed shirt

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