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I am very proud to be part of this discussion, all the way from Nairobi. Congrats President Biden for signing it into law …black live matter anyway. My apology to all the descendants of this terrible period in America’s history.. Creating Juneteenth while passing laws to limit your ability to vote. Go figure.. Celebrating Juneteenth is a Federal holiday . Also , honoring freedom in human Canvas.. Gordon Granger is the man responsible for Juneteenth and he is white, the people who fought hardest for your freedom were republicans from the north. Your just a token and this is a twisted view on history in a grab for votes.. Let freedom ring from Stone mountain of Dekalb, Gwinnett the wind done gone. In the middle of the 21st century, with more than 20 billion of people in a world with more than 6 universes… There are some people out there who still insist on reading my comment that has nothing to do with the topic Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker 2

No To Slavery, Tyranny and Oppression All Human Being Are Equal Irrespective Of Complexion, Race and Tribe!!!. I’d push for a national holiday to recognise your indigenous people and their persecution first. Here in Aus I can name Black actors sports players and others but no indigenous ones. The work they have done with protecting water and natural resources s… See more. My family living in the deep south have celebrated Juneteenth as a holiday for decades. How many times we gonna talk about it? Stop the shenanigans! Seriously, America is forever indebted to the Natives and Descendants of many Africans!. And she has a subtle way of convincing her audience with her humility, surely when we all vote we vote for the people. My family have also been persecuted over the years and still are today. Prejudice and hate are so evil. So glad you are standing up for what you believe in and for the other s who are not able to stand. Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker

Maine coon crack car decal sticker 1

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