LGBT love is love baseball shirt


It’s interesting that you find this so wonderful yet you support the Democrats view of Planned Parenthood. Seems you need to figure a few things out!.   LGBT love is love baseball shirt · Follow. I don’t even remember following you. I wish your Third Trimester Ultrasound should be detected wrong by Doctor so that we wouldn’t be able to see your baised attitude towards isr**il… You think you’re scamming people when you keep posting everything but the Palestinian case?! Your personal agenda, preferences and directions became pretty obvious by muffling the truth through your platform. Mark my words, your subsidence became on si… See more. This is the mentality of Apartheid Israel , the main aim of this apartheid state is to wipe out people of Palestine from the map, the Ethnic cleansing has been going on for decades!. Have you ever imagined that someone colonizes your house against your will and lives in it … sleeps in your bed, eats in your kitchen … enjoys comfort and pleasure while you look at him without even the right to object or defend, and when you act w… See more

LGBT love is love baseball shirt

LGBT pride love is love baseball shirt 2

Just to say:. DO NOT ALLOW tRump to be reinstated, please! He doesn’t deserve the privilege and will immediately begin to spread misinformation and lies. Don’t fall prey to his promises of false compliance.. Didn’t Fouci also say, 2 years before it happened, that he was CERTAIN that there would be a Pandemic?. The world we live in Millions has died our love ones will never return because of Selfish and lack of respect for someone life. We need to bow and pray that our god continue to heal our land and it people. Hmmm….happen to come out in the year of an election???. Heard the first chapter in ATR podcast, but the book is not avail in Israel from Audible… . Mark Zuckerburg, I understand your Oversight Board is making an announcement tomorrow about Mr. Trump’s access to the Facebook platform. I am urging you to ban him from Facebook forever. It is clear that his behavior prior to and on January 6th inci… See more LGBT love is love baseball shirt

LGBT love is love baseball shirt

LGBT pride love is love baseball shirt 1

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