Lambs god says you are jesus canvas


We were at the Ogunquit Theater a few years ago … Hunch Back of Norte Dame….. your Mom and Dad came in through the side exit… your Dad was in a wheelchair …. so happy and proud when the crowd put away politics and gave them a standing ovation..… See more. I enjoyed The Quiet Man by John Sununu….also met you dad in 88′ while running for president when he stopped by Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery…was an honor.. sorry, I do not want to hear anything about your family anymore. so disappointed in the way you led the country, and also for justice roberts. you sure were a disappointment.. Your dad was awesome . Mr. President, god bless you and your family, and your father’s memory. Pay no attention to those who have adopted the current political tone that champions violence and ignorance. You’re a great man and a great American. Lambs god says you are jesus canvas

Lambs god says you are jesus canvas

Lambs god says you are jesus canvas small

A good man who chose a wonderful wife. Couples like your mom and dad are a thing of the past. You should be proud of your dad and his accomplishments. I wish I could have known mine. Hepast away when I was 10.. One of my all-time favorite Presidents! I always felt President H.W. Bush was very underappreciated.. Wasn’t this when your dad jumped out of plane for his bday! In Kenny bunk!! He was an incredible man I always enjoy seeing him and the family at the river club. Love how you honor him, Mr. President. I was too young to vote for your amazing father, but I did vote for you twice. Grateful, Sir, for your family and for the legacy you both have left. Be well, Sir.. Can’t wait to read. Love the Bush family and the wonderful example of servant leadership.. You and yours were the greatest…..Your Dad was my example, Your Mom was mine also, You Lucky Dog…..Ernie Sheriff 1st Battalion 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division Vietnam all of 1969…..Proud of the whole family….. Lambs god says you are jesus canvas

Lambs god says you are jesus canvas

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