Kentucky wildcats tropical hawaiian shirtKentucky wildcats tropical hawaiian shirt

Canada has been doing this forever, it’s called “family allowance”. When we were a young family living paycheck to paycheck, it was a godsend!. Dear President Obama, I am so happy parents are getting the help they need. Please encourage President Biden to address the Student Loan problem. I am between losing tax exemptions, Parent Plus Loans and and hoping to retire. Which cannot happen until the loans are paid.. The republicans voted no but republican families are getting that money as well for their children. And I’m sure they have more than one child in the family.. When the government puts its citizens 1st, everyone wins. We love you!!. Well done for bringing the USA slightly closer to a modern civilised society where care will be provided for those who need it most. No it won’t, it’s just going to be taken out of their tax return.. The idea that tax money versus companies not paying a fair rage is being used drives me crazy- Walmart is a big example Kentucky wildcats tropical hawaiian shirt

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Love this! Your musical taste is like ours – my husband & I – all over the place! Awesome. Going to check out some of the unfamiliar songs.. As always, thank you for being you. I appreciate the eclectic taste and depth of representation in your summer lists. Peace and blessings….. A true master of humanity!! Thank you for being how you were for your two terms and who you are now!! Your music is great too!!. I love that fact that you appreciate music and the arts. Not many politicians do.. Always stellar, you did it again. I like it.. May I suggest a couple of songs that remind me of summer vacations? Sweet Surrender by John Denver, Nights are Forever without you, England Dan and John Ford Coley and Weekend in New England, Barry Manilow! I’m a child of the 70’s and for some reason… See more. I hope you’ve seen “Summer of Soul” – lots of great tunes and wonderful people. Kentucky wildcats tropical hawaiian shirt

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