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You should do a remake of The Sound Of Music. One of my favorite singers acting in one of my favorite movies? Joker cosplay hawaiian shirt Play GIF. We as a citizen of Myanmar not agree with the current move and would like to request the world leaders. UN and the world medias help our country- our leaders- our people – from this bitter acts. We want democracy and want our country to develop as our… See More. Yes Beyonce my mother need u clear her soul she plays you everyday we love u. I love you. That’s why you are so blessed. You give back and you do it with class and poise. what do you have to say about the accusation that was brought against you about child trafficking and exploitation?. Where is beyonce? You seen her lately?. .. managed somehow to pull a fast one, x hopes that x gets to return the favor soon..

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COME HOME BABY!!! THE KIDS KEEP ASKING WHY MUMMY AND DADDY AREN’T GONNA BE SPENDING CHRISTMAS TOGETHER!!! THEY WANT US TO BE A FAMILY AGAIN :((. nice throwback. Joker cosplay hawaiian shirt where’s the album??. Sexiest female singer ever. Yes I am a Rihanna fan and I sing her songs to!. I’m curious beautiful….What were you looking at so nicely? Is it the cute small red purse or that lovely cute butt and you still got a hot figure to date beautiful . Traditionally, someone proposes on one knee. Since I have severe Cerebral Palsy and am confined to a wheelchair, I am instead proposing on one wheel. Will you marry me? LMAO . Holy shit, over 7k likes in under a minute.. You look stunning!! As beautiful as ever . I pray for my dream to come true so that one day I can see you Rihanna or any other american artist performing live on stage

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