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Jesus has my back baseball jersey · Follow So ethereal and grand..   · Follow Death is not extinguishing the light. It is only the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come…. I lost my dad a month ago and this one absolutely described my feelings on it. Thank you Ed for writing a song that made me cry, but I’m a good way. Dad went with me to the first concert I saw you live and I will never forget it. . I listened to this for the first time tonight. It made me cry lots… the words. So much has changed in my life since losing my mum 28yrs ago, I was 21. I lost my Dad tragically last year. I wish I could visit Heaven and bring them both back home with m… See more. Love it bro such a great song. This song is absolutely beautiful . I lost my beautiful Nan in March this year and this song brought me to tears. I never got a chance to say goodbye to her Or visit due to Covid. . I really wish heaven did have visiting hours because I’d do anything… See more

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lost my dad 3 years ago, he should be celebrating his 60th birthday on Earth with us next year, the words you sing and the music you play captures everything we wander of our departed loved ones, a rollercoaster ride that we have to embrace because the… See more. This one made me cry…..very real for me. I recently lost my husband (43 years) and he left our grandchildren which he treasured and thrived on watching them grow up. We saw you in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when you played the ball park. He really enjoyed yo… See more. My father in law passed in May quite suddenly (due to COVID)…we were all in shock and my heart was shattered as my children lost the only grandfather they’ve ever known. This song is beautiful and brought me to tears wishing the same thing your lyric… See more. Love it. The Ed I know and fell in love with. Jesus has my back baseball jersey So sorry about the Muse though Sweetheart. Grief is hard but necessary.

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