Jesus and lion canvas prints


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And the pain has traveled with the speed of light to all the Pogba haters in England and all the English media. One good turn and one good pass does not a world class player make! The amount of times he held onto the ball for too long and lost possession outweigh the two good moments.. Pogba is a very good and skilful player, but his bad attitude and that of his useless agent is the problem. pogba putting a little effort to see who will come in for him …fooling no one. Against the bottom team in the Premiership . Manasseh Mehta. Until the day you realize that, despite his amendable mistakes, Pogba is a huge talent at United!. Am not Pogba fan but loved what he did yesterday… I Wish he keeps it up.. United’s bright Will be very future. Leslie Sawyers Jesus and lion canvas prints When Paul humble himself and plays a passing game and a team game , he is a delight to play with

Jesus and lion canvas prints

Jesus and lion the perfect combination canvas 1

Zampaligre SeybouWe need bunch of goals so start them all…the Leeds guys love scoring, we need as many goals as 7 in case the decide to score 311 . Top fanSteve MusiliLeeds tough nonesense. They just came from Championship, we were playing in UCL and now wr play in Europa,leeds should be least of our worries.We wil hammer them with their own hammers. You said they play counter attacking, we play extra counter atta… See more5 . Top fanOpawumi Oyedeji OyekunleCavani still doubtful. . Tom MooreHe’s smoking crack if he thinks McGuire and Lindeloff are consistent2 . Top fanAsh NarainOne more win and we are 2 points behind liverpool. Who would have imagined that?? All the plastics criticising Ole know nothing about football. Because of Ole whether its luck or good football, man utd fans can put a smile again.1 . Top fanKruben PillayThe leeds game is a must win for United. Ole must contest the league championship. It will take some gutsy stuff. Either win the league or he may face sacking2  Jesus and lion canvas prints

Jesus and lion canvas prints

Jesus and lion the perfect combination canvas largeJesus and lion the perfect combination canvas large

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