Invisible math horizontal canvas


OWNED BY TAYLOR SWIFT.   Invisible math horizontal canvas · Follow. WE NEVER KNEW WE COULD FEEL THAT MUCH .   · Follow.   · . If it’s not Taylor’s Version, we don’t want it! . Me After folklore, evermore – I’m sad depressed lonely.. Been screaming/singing/sobbing all the way on my drive (I’m student teaching elementary music right now and it’s about an hour away from my house). You’re part of my musical inspiration as a child. I got Fearless as a Christmas gift when it was origina… See more. This was my first concert tour I ever went to when I was in middle school. This album got me through my parents divorce. It helped me have hope, feel like I had a friend who was going through something too, and made me feel as if I wasn’t alone. I have… See more. Michelle Rose. In the middle of the night when I’m in this dream it’s like a million little stars spelling out your name

Invisible math horizontal canvas

Invisible math horizontal poster A1

I will never forget singing this song to my then boyfriend at karaoke. It was new and the song was deemed ours and he wanted to hear it every time. Now….I cant wait to sing him Taylors Version as my husband. Thank you for writing such wonderful songs… See more. Takes me right back to high school. I remember going to Target to buy Fearless and it being the first album that I listened to in my 97 Toyota 4Runner after I got my driver license. I feel like I have grown up with Taylor!. I was 10 when Fearless came out, my favorite album during my teenage years! Listening to these songs now at 23 brings up so many emotions. So many things I didn’t know at 15…. Now that I’ve had some time to process .. Listening to Forever and Always (Taylor’s Version) brought me back to singing this song in my bedroom at my parents house with my “Team Edward” poster on my wall. Thinking i knew what love and heartbreak was. I… See more Invisible math horizontal canvas

Invisible math horizontal canvas

Invisible math horizontal poster A2Invisible math horizontal poster A3

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