I'm one of the 75 million Trump flag


Yashendra PundirThis puppy can be used to clean the floor by binding him in a wooden stick5 . Abiola DaudaI think Beast is saying, “Mark watch your back and don’t catch the divorce virus that is ravaging the Billionaire club members”19 . M R KrishnaWe have 56 inch barking dog in India21 . David OgbogboYou and Priscilla should better be careful of taking care of each other…dont want to hear about any divorce between you two or ima arrest you and take over facebook10 . Pradeep Kumar Patel  · FollowMark it’s obvious you are a smart guy, but you refuse to do the right thing. With great power come great responsibility and you choose to not take any. I don’t know why, I try to not always attribute malice to people’s motivations but the results of … See more13 . Jeremias RomoLet me borrow beast so I can mop my floor 35 . Ashen Kavinda De SilvaQuite a noisy mop.22  I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag

I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag

I'm one of the 75 million Trump flag 3

Apex Shift   · FollowDon’t worry one day we’ll be fitting quantum computers inside micro sd’s. 27 . Rachel Miller  · FollowSo… does this mean when I’m in a really boring conversation I can be “listening” and instead scrolling my feed??(Where was this when I was in college!?)69 . Marshal EzehMark, I noticed you usually wear one polo every day, so I took it upon myself to go learn skill of making clothsI’m now a tailor, I want to make beautiful cloths for you let your village people be put to shame196 . Tyler MattSounds cool, for a tiny percentage of the population that can handle the motion sickness and even can afford to try… Keep working on it bud! In the meantime, could you focus on improving any one of the many concepts y’all have launched over the past … See more49 . Ravi Shankar JaipuriarYour world is still just a tip; the bulk still remains under the surface; people still living in the Stone Age.31  I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag

I’m one of the 75 million Trump flag

I'm one of the 75 million Trump flag 2I'm one of the 75 million Trump flag 1

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