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Donny Von De Beek needs to start already.. This Page is filled with twats who make a lot of noise when things dont go according to plan and demand for the removal of Ole Gunnar but when we win then suddenly everyone is a patriotic fan. If you can’t stomach United at their worst times, I sugges… . the quality as an individual and as a team was there ole deserves credit for the way he picks the starting eleven, yesterday we were unstoppable i am sure this will bring back the confidence. i am already dreaming about the game with PSG. I think the combination of Bruno and Mata worked out well especially with these small teams which put so many players behind the balltheir ball pasiing,runs and ball distribution made effect. More committed. Still like to see the captain get vocal with the team too quiet drive them on – COME ON LADS LETS GET STUCK IN . quietest captain EVER Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A1

They played like the United of old finally finding a way to overcome a defensivly minded team.. which seems the norm throughout all the divisions nowadays… I noted they didnt spend as much time passing the ball around the back 4 as much as they h… . Best response possible, let the football do the talking.. The 2nd Goal…absolutely brilliant. Overall great teamwork. Hope we carry on from here in similar way.. We need to sell Pogba while he still has value. Mayank Thapliyal. To be fair is was a good performance but yhe biggest thing to stand out was the energy within in the team to work with and without the ball. Just shows if you put the effort in the rewards normally come with it.. What’s the MATA with youAN. He should start in every game. Otherwise, a brilliant performance in St. James park. We need to see more of this in coming matches. Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A2

Lloyd Seleka. Elias Bura. Mata was outstanding today. He causes so much trouble in midfield, his pass accuracy is pin point. Really good display, he needs to start more often!. Chikwado Kelvin
The performance was CLASS. What matters at this point is CONSISTENCY which has been the major problem facing the team.. We need a Manager who doesnt win only when he is under pressure. Clearly this team can do much more but if we had a manager who knows what to do. I don’t understand what the hell is in Ole’s head that cause to put himself in troules with all the good … . That second goal was pure class, great team play. I call it the United way.. Mata outstanding but the midfield looks better without progba he slows the play down to much maguire looks better playing as a centre back not trying to cover the midfield fantastic don’t let Bruno go anywhere Rashford purring on is own up front I’m st… See More

Dementor hogwarts starry night van gogh poster A3

Mohamed Shariff Zarina Jane. Mustafa Qusai. Wait for the next game back to the loosing way. Happy with the win but know the drill, win one game then be followed with a streak of loses . Abimbola Meyungbo. Abdirahman Heeloos. Were are also delighted that for the first time Bruno lost. M Morshed Rusho
Don’t celebrate too much. It is just a win against a mediocre team. Long way to go.. I’m sorry nice guy Solskjaer you should be beating theses teams your man united you seem to happy it should be a given beating Newcastle. Ole gets to breathe for another week.i still think we need change in our manager…some1 who could get the most out of our current crop.. We still have to get rid of ole..his tactics and player pairing is poor. Beautiful game last night. Keep it up lads!. I feel for Newcastle.. how does it feel having Maguire to score against you!

Tawake Tui. Tu Vu
Mata is the catalyst. We need his flexibility. He reads the game well and maintain the tempo.. Luck! When you against small team they will lose. This is Man United era since Ferguson retire.. Good job from Ole.. he should be consistent with this.. assumed he removed Scott for Pogba everything will get worst and he brought in Van de Beek removing Daniel James was Awesome, normal him will remove another midfield for VDB He did nice changin… . Think what we learnt was that you cannot play an unbalanced team and expect to blow away the opposition, McTominay and Fred are defensive midfield players, starting with Pogba and Fernandes and the inexperienced Greenwood, offers no protection to our … See More. Do not separate Mctomanay and Fred. They have a good understanding of each other in midfield. Fernandes deserves that armband. He is vocal and he sees what other players don’t see. Now Ole can rotate to bring the best out of players. Every player must … See More

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