God is within her she will not fall poster


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This is what we called teamwork. You can see the players give their best.. Peck WM. Pog Saho. Wonderful performance the really played well but we have to keep on winning because whenever united win match i feel happy throughout that day and i can brag with Chelsea fans. Individual brilliance. We have the squad, we have the team but we dont have the coach.. Edmund Toh. Doel Ashville Trafford. undefined. Don’t over file past events. ..it was just Newcastle united Let’s wait for Tuesday game hope u will play like today. …. Mata and van de beek should start in smaller teams for creativity purposes. We need skillful players at striking part that is our only problem. AT Kings. Richard Jr Jay. Gabriel Pete. we are curshed conceding goals in early minutes… we really need to be careful in defencive work.. we need to be alert .. may be guys needs more Warm up before the match… God is within her she will not fall poster

God is within her she will not fall poster

God is within her she will not fall poster A1

Gifted Hands Textile Merchants God is within her she will not fall poster We need to keep winning games consistently and hopefully by the end of the season, we will have some trophies. The First Half we Could See MU Players Hesitant ,not Confident enough, Unfocused. Thanks to the Captains Mental Strength. – After Halftime and the Replacement made and Changes of Formation , The Squad started to Create Formidable and Tactical attacking Patterns, Which at the End was Awarded with 3 more nice Clinical Goals. – I hope the Coaching Staff have Learnt something Tangible For the next Coming games which to me is 1) Vigilance 2) Focused 3) Involvement of Each Individual in the Whole squad Physically, Emotionally and mentally. Let’s wait for the Next Games to Conclude on our Destiny. . Pause GIF Tenor. 62. Betty Tsontso Kealebale Great Win Great Play Players connected well I’m impressed One Love. Junior Kwee Khant waiting the next match PSG . Playing Matic and POGBA as starters is what ole. Should always avoid.. Credit to Fred and Scott, they were doing the dirty jobs , while Mata and BRUNO were creating chances can’t wait for Cavani

God is within her she will not fall poster

God is within her she will not fall poster A2

About time they got there act together and actually played like a team thats hungry for points lets hope it carries on and not just a one off. Late show but Rashford a goal and 2 assists in last few mins and what a 2nd goal it was, brilliant team goal! Great save be De Gea as well.. I think mata should be given more play time, he knows how to control and pass when needed. Ivy Crawford. I must tell you this, manchester united fan were so excited about winning against Newcastle United FC. For me I’m greatful on the performance of our team. Keep it up.. Van De Beek has good vision. Great guy. Mata was unbelievable, well done Mata. Bruno, good game but has to improve on his passes. He made many errors. Well done Paul, I love those beautiful passes. Tumps up Da Gea. In all I enjoyed the way we played, w…

God is within her she will not fall poster A3

Gave the ball away so many times. Just a moment of brilliance that’s it. Mata is the only united player with a brain in this team.. Rashford or Mata should have been MOM This is bias. He deserved it. Lets wait to punish some small club in London next. Andrew Bradford. Man of the match should have been Juan Mata…. Todsy, I think Rashford was the man of the March with 2 assists, and a goal.. Mine was Mata, he was sublime and slick. But yeah Bruno and Rashford had a good game too. Eze Uchenna Emmanuel. Musa Bin Mohamed. Gifted Hands Textile Merchants
His never give up spirit keeps on winning us matches……. Well deserved…….. He was absolutely shite until the end misplaced so many passes throughout the game. Rashford is our man of the match stop this for once. He never gives up.
I know Mata and Rashford had great performances too.

Most underrated playmaker, very creative n easy to link up with
He absolutely deserve it. This player is the man of the match. What an amazing player hes, after missing on that penalty he never give up, this is UNITED spirit we needed in this team. Well deserved to our Portuguese Magnifico . Captain this guy.He is so inspirational.He will be a great captain.. Tim Lee. Agreed! Bruno played really good today, Mata was so amazing but RASH-10 should have won this. He played really well with a magnificent goal plus two assists Well, UTD all the way we gon ride or die . We only managed to win because Newcastle United collapsed in the last 20 minutes of the game. I’m scared for us next week vs Chelsea… if we keep going like this we’re gonna end up relegated!. Defo not a MOTM…had a really poor spell in the second half . Rashford : 2 assists, penalty and a goal.

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