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Michelle MulrooneyWe must protect the right to vote! (and that the vote actually counts)5 . Anthony PedreroThe Republican has evolved into a party that abhors the word democracy because that word and perception of democracy (they believe) creates a thinking process of equality in the many facets of humanity thinking and the high percentage of this new age m… See more20 . Brenda ThorntonI want to vote for candidates in my immediate area not people three counties away who I know nothing about .Ohio capital city district looked like jigsaw puzzle 6 . David SandsonAll On The Line had an opportunity to support Virginia’s independent redistricting commission when it was on the ballot as a referendum. AOTL sat on the sidelines instead. If I want to support an organization that is committed to ending gerrymanderin… See more15 . Kevin ScrivnerAssuming the last administration properly executed the census. I’m certain there was no funny business going on to skew the numbers. We certainly can trust the right-wingers to always be on the straight and narrow. Right? … Right?10  Jesus give me your hand poster

Give me your hand Jesus poster

Give me your hand Jesus poster A1

I miss you!!! Thank you for making the world a better place.. I went to sno-valley Hawaii basketball camp with Barack Obama in 1977. Good for you. We have GOT to start fomenting positive stuff across the world. This seems like a pretty good avenue.. I played on street courts for about 25 years. I’m afraid… I didn’t quite fit in as the skinny, white girl. The players on the court made me feel welcome, gave me confidence, and helped me when no one else cared. I owe basketball everything. Good … See more. You sir were one of the best Presidents ever!!. Mr. President, YOU ROCK! Keep up the wonderful work!. Tell mum; the sunny centre isn’t open today.. Very well said. I have the same love for the game of basketball. Even playing alone when I was a kid helped me deal with some tough times.. You’re a wonderful servant of humanity, Mr. President. An inspiration to all. Jesus give me your hand poster

Give me your hand Jesus poster

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