Fox american flag t-shirt


So you guys claim to be at the forefront of the outbreak with research that you are giving kudos to at the “Zuckerberg” Biohub- but let’s get this straight- you chose to spend your time censoring the then current President of the United States, Preside… See more. Just to say:. DO NOT ALLOW tRump to be reinstated, please! He doesn’t deserve the privilege and will immediately begin to spread misinformation and lies. Don’t fall prey to his promises of false compliance.. The world we live in Millions has died our love ones will never return because of Selfish and lack of respect for someone life. We need to bow and pray that our god continue to heal our land and it people. Hmmm….happen to come out in the year of an election???. Heard the first chapter in ATR podcast, but the book is not avail in Israel from Audible… Fox american flag t-shirt

Fox american flag t-shirt

Fox american flag sweatshirt

Prabeg BudhaI have done my complete vaccination (Pfizer/ Bionetech) one month ago but still not feeling comfortable as the universe not feeling comfortable.9 . Paulo Jolkeskyyou should be vaccinated against the socialist proposal. This proposal only brings pain to people. The USA has always been a capitalist and its people have always lived well. Unless when more left-wing presidents took over.68 . Mercedes Da SilvaCongratulations- publish it more so people get vaccinated – it’s the only solution to get back to a fairly normal like 42 . Lawal OlamideMy brother too just got vaccinated too. I can’t wait for him to start barking like a dog I’ve always wanted to be the only child 45 . Eddy LagatHonestly things are so hard now. Let’s take vaccine. Just imagine this morning one guy in my street was begging me to buy his cat, saying he needed money badly.. .Well I told him that I don’t need a cat …infact that I don’t even have any rat in … See more48  Fox american flag t-shirt

Fox american flag t-shirt

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