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Jessika HallettThere will never be a cooler movie soundtrack than this movie right here!13 . Ioana CazacuTom Cruise is the best actor of all time.Thank you for all the great movies.8 . Sheila BoultonCannot wait for this, it will be my one outing probably this year. 20 . Milica DragovicAll men hate him and women adores him. Don’t be jealous, as the beauty is something that can’t rub on you.12 . Nathália OliveiraYou should celebrate it by getting [email protected] w only ray ban on11 . Susan StephensTop gun exceptional. LOL . I’ve been waiting for your new movie as well. A few months back I had a craving to watch Top Gun again. Great movie no doubt7 . Tony WalkerI’m a bit of a saddo, I’ve watched it at least 50 times over the years.. and I would still pay to see it in the cinema again.. iconic isn’t doing it justice9 . Sarah JaneI would love them to release Top Gun back into the cinema again!!7  Forest owl canvas

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Ola TabbalWhat is happening now in Palestine isn’t a religious conflict at all, it was a ridiculous argument created by Israelis to occupy Palestine. And they didn’t get enough of it.For more than 70 years Up to now they have been arresting and killing Palestin… See more11 . Stephen RiderTop Gun should definitely be in theaters once a year. Preferably in IMAX. It would also be nice especially since COVID if when we see the new one we could see the first one in theaters before. So watch 1 have a 10 minute intermission and then see 2 in the same theater. 4 . Hovannes KoushakjianI remember I was in the first Top Gun movie filmed on my aircraft carrier USS ENTERPRISE in 1986 when we were deployed8 . Sue DentLove this film Tom cruz looks so handsome6 . Carine Webster van TonderCan’t wait.The best movie ever.I hope the second one is as good.xxxx5  Forest owl canvas

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