Deer hunting to my dad poster


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Heather AvillaI’ve been seeing different versions of these all over Facebook today. I just report them all then delete and block5 . April SkalekI immediately went and cancelled my membership. Thank you John for letting us know before being charged $39.95/month.Happy holidays! . Jennette SurwillI thought it would be nice to send Christmas and see the response. Actually it was Great. Do I have to worry about any kind of breach or anything about my personal information? . Kayla LynnSaw this shared in a lot of my teacher groups. Had a feeling it was too good to be true lol.  . Valerie DesRosiersThank you for caring about your fans!! Another reason I love you and your beautiful family!!4 . Myrion KeepsitLive WilliamsonThis one was on my feed. I knew it was fake because the numbers don’t add up and the punctuation is terrible…… …. I could have used $5k though 1  Deer hunting to my dad canvas prints

Deer hunting to my dad canvas prints

Deer hunting to my dad poster A1

Patricia-Daniel FernandezI see this all the time. Such a shame 1 . Michael TimsonJohn… Trumpet lesson for free? Give me a honk 858.863.3370…. Not fake!! . Jennifer BirgyYou know whats actually terrible? When you report it to fb and they say it doesn’t go against guidelines4 . Susie ScottThat fact that you even had to say it is fake blows my mind. It isn’t from a verified poster and it isn’t well written. . Tina GabrielMost people know this is fake just some people with wishful thinking fall for it. Its being done with many celebreties.1 . Jennifer BaileyUgh. I guess I’m not getting 10K for Christmas. Merry Christmas to all. 2 . Robynn BradfordAnyone who thought it was real is dumb lol. Happy holidays. 6 . Aung ThuraHow about of this one?3 . April WhiteIf it seems too good to be true it usually is  . Shelly HannahMan I really thought I was about to be rich 5  Deer hunting to my dad canvas prints

Deer hunting to my dad canvas prints

Deer hunting to my dad poster A2

Andrijana Anja They just won’t leave you alone, will they?! No other celeb (maybe Mark Wahlberg ) has to deal with this on a regular basis. Must be exhausting!  . Luane RossThere Are 3 Others too I got hit up By them too . Debbie Rankin AndersonI was on a New Zealand Facebook page and spotted these images video and page created in john legends I sent you the screenshot of them. . Tammy Marie D’ElettoI almost fell for it. I was so excited then it asked for my credit card lol. Merry Christmas to you and your family. God bless you1 . Tina PierceI read this woman’s post about this. I tried explaining to her it was fake. PEOPLE ALL YOU GOT TO DO IS LOOK AT HOW MANY ARE FOLLOWING HIS POST. THE REAL JOHN HAS MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS  . Sudathip CookeThank you I know Not you ! This is fake…

Deer hunting to my dad poster A3

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