Corgi god says you are poster


Salomon NiyibitangaIf you don’t have words to sing love, sing hate because we need new album so much.10 . Danny Adityano thoughts just like she didn’t create music lyrics 6 . Anthony LanderPlease come out with new music ASAP …these artist suck!10 . Luis NolascoMiss u baby, call me110 . Tobias UqayuittuqCome back and save music again RiRi.8 . Lorenzo CardinaleStay with us in Italia, don’t go back to the USA90 . Kirsten GuidrySmall fine, thick fine, short hair, long hair…. you are gorgeous no matter what! Only beasts have haters!24 . Christine Miguela  · FollowSupportive Daughter here 33 . Liban EvansHere in Kenya we still listen to your songs even in churches!21 . QueenWrecker Gamingkavogue!!!314 . Pàtrón El NactoI love you so much sweetie, one day I will be your future husband108 . Profesa OmolloMy dad would stand in such angle watching scenes like this14 . Lasga SeckHi Rihanna, do you guess that so much love you endessly in Senegal, and will you come and visit, may i have a promise in your backet-list?5  Corgi god says you are poster

Corgi god says you are poster

Corgi god says you are poster A3

Corgi god says you are poster · Follow DAMN , RIRI You are a Dream. Yum .   · Follow She is an attractive woman. without trying..   · Follow Did she slim down?.   · Follow O my God, me to my meat right now Pause GIF Tenor.   · Follow I can’t wait to hear some new music from you. .   · Follow coulda literally posted nuthin but the pics and the internet woulda broke tho lol. You’ve lost weight, I miss thick Rih. But you looking so beautiful in yellow . No matter what- you will always find me alongside you. I love you very much; please be extra careful. Love you tons.. The vibe is good enough. No words needed . you really don’t need to say anything… your picture says it all! Beautiful!. Why do you look like you got packets of cheese on your tiddies? Lol you still look good tho rockin them Kraft singles.. How we used to vibe in this song

Corgi god says you are poster

Corgi god says you are poster A2Corgi god says you are poster A1

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