Cheval À ma fille mama affiche


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“He’s never known me drunk-not even in the womb. And I’m determined that he never will” Cheval À ma fille mama affiche Such strong words, keep it up I haven’t drunk since Boxing Day and I’ve struggled with it in varying ways – but I found out I was pregnant in May, and there’s something quite wonderful about how someone so tiny helps change your life! I am so unbelievably proud of you for deciding … See More Love your story. I got sober as well because of my daughter much older. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve been 1155 days

Cheval À ma fille mama affiche A2


Cheval À ma fille mama affiche

I always respected my father because when he effed up, he admitted it and apologized for it. He wasn’t perfect, and he would be the first to admit his issues. That’s important. The integrity to be truthful about the things you are ashamed of is perh… See More Cheval À ma fille mama affiche

My daughter too has alopecia – I her mom, shaved my head to go on this journey of self love with her. I showed her your picture and she says, “I like her!”. Thank you for sharing your story and bringing awareness to alopecia. Cheval À ma fille mama affiche Sunny Tsang You are stunning! You look lovely. Normalising alopecia is great I, too, went completely bald from alopecia. Even though mine eventually grew back, I learned a valuable lesson. My hair didn’t make me who I am. Yay to you for being your glorious self!

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