Caterpillar american flag t-shirt


Kaniel Cole  · FollowPretty Prisi, I hope you had a wonderful day hon, I know Mark must’ve pulled out all the stops for his special lady, like buying you your own little Island in the West Indies or a town house on Mars… Mark, yuh nah len mi de sup’m breddren? 91 . Rayan JradWhile you were celebrating mother’s day very happily, Palestinian children were losing their mothers to Israeli airstrikesAnd Palestinian mothers were burying their kids and hopes of a better future with their own hands!All that happened under your a… See more12 . Alexander JonesDo you know what would be a real good mother’s day gift Mark? Single handedly shrinking the gap between the rich and the poor.11 . Fatima RehanMark Zuckerberg what’s happening in palestine pls have a look in to it. stops being a hypocrite facebook stop reach of posts when we talk about palestine . How can you be so heartless. Imagine your kids being in state of same situation we want #free… See more28  Caterpillar american flag t-shirt

Caterpillar american flag t-shirt

Caterpillar american flag sweatshirt

Caterpillar american flag t-shirt · Follow. Why don’t you have your people answer support tickets. What would be great would be if you enforced your policies against the right wing cesspool content distributors on your site and refused to give Trunp back his seditious platform. People from other countries, the situation in my country is serious, we are being killed and censored, the government orders the army and police to open fire on civilians and they are silencing the people before the world, we need your help!!!. Here in Colombia we want the world to know that the government itself is killing us, we need our voice to be heard and for the international organizations in charge of safeguarding human rights to be present.#SOS #Colombia #ColombiaAlertaRoja #ParoNaci… See more. Hey Mark, is that where you learned how to censor posts and restrict who could see them (shadow banning)? Before moving that capability to Facebook? By the way great communist control move, de-platforming President Trump. After all the free expression … See more

Caterpillar american flag t-shirt

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