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Love that you are raising new generations to not be afraid to be who they are. Shine your star bright. Never compare your light to others. Live your truth and be proud. You are amazing!!!!. That was awesome I never expected Cher and Judith Light to be in it. P!NK I saw u at MSG May 2019 & totally rocked it. You are so REAL from sincerity and pain to laughter you show all sides of you through your music and visuals. Thank for being you. Happy Mother’s Day . Wonderful Song and Video it sounds authentic to me . Just watched your Prime documentary- wow! Cat snow cocaine everywhere 3D sweatshirt I have always been a fan of your individuality and musicianship but thank you for this peek into your family life. I am so proud of the strong mom and family you’ve built! You work so hard at all of it.. I love this song. I have a daughter too and this song is so beautifully written. I have listen to your music since I was a teenager now in my mid 30s. Your music has pulled me from some of my darkest times. Thank you so much for being and continue to b… See more

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I just finished watching this!! Sooooo good! You continue to amaze me. Keep doing you, loving what you do and the honesty that you live every day and through your music!!. I just watched your movie. I have always admired you but seeing you with your family showed me what an amazing beautiful person you are. This movie filled my heart.. Love this song. Thank you so much. This resonates with the way I grew up. If you read this I wrote a song for my daughter with down syndrome. I really would love someone to sing it.. Just watched this and it is amazing. You have always been my favorite. Saw you in Orlando and the best concert ever and I have seen a lot. Keep producing and loving. . I laughed and cried, remembered where I was in life during each single one of your songs, then giggled & laughed at the beautiful dynamics of your incredible family, then cried again, then sang every single song with you… Cat snow cocaine everywhere 3D sweatshirt

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