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Women power…I love the gigs and progress…##Rihanna you dopest when it comes to music lyricism… Best musician of all time Rihanna . There are beautiful moments in life when two of your favorite artists come together and it is amazing THANK YOU. Nom’Ririzelo yey uyanyisa chom . Much love from kazakhstan, although people don’t know where that is. A young mosquito returned to its mother. Busch beer american flag hawaiian shirt How was your flight dear? asked mom.. We’re still waiting for an album. I want to use this opportunity to thank my mom and dad and also thank my mother and father especially my parents for everything my mama and papa did for me. I really appreciate . where’s the album?. “Her face emerges from a crown of 19th-century lithographs of crystals piled up on her head, recalling the images of women under beauty-salon lamps, or donning mountains of curlers to set a hairstyle.“ In the opinion of the writer. See More NEWS.ARTNET.COM To Photograph Rihanna for ‘Essence’ Magazine, Artist Lorna Simpson Drew Inspiration From Her Own Archives—See Images Here

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If I could spend one day with u even if it was just for a walk It would be equal to hitting the lotto. Sydney Daramy. I miss you baby take me back . I wanna come back n be that bag when I die. Had the pleasure of visiting Barbados 3 years ago, beautiful island and beautiful people. Rihanna i love you, please, make a new record . I’m a huge Rehann fan I even sing your songs what’s my name and work work huge fan!. She can wear everything or nothing it all looks so beautiful. If you think that Rihanna is not a virgin, wake up and apologize…Rihanna is a virgin. . Those asking for an album, she had 6, #1 albums in 6 years. Give her a break. She worked her ass off. Now she’s hopefully enjoying the break!. Leave this girl alone.Enough about new music Busch beer american flag hawaiian shirt she’s working on her make up line. Taking a break like all of us she’s in joying her time off from singing. Resting her cords. Let her be

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