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Dianne James WilkensLove it and love the album cover…..great look!!!!12 . Diane JacksonSong titles are amazing…looking forward to it5 . Pascal SimbaI can’t wait to have a copy of the album. Your songs are always thoughtful, insipirational and serenade lovebirds!!3 . Sydney Melon Elvin NjobvuI truly love your music it the most touching and inspiring there is nothing more bigger than love in this world cuze love conquered everything , heaven and earth . like that song love me now it touches my heart, soul ,mind and mind . good work #john … See More6 . John NeriSooo did you get the inspiration for this album when you were on Epstein’s island? 44 . Capitalism WorksAre you fine with the protesters burning down your home? You certainly seem fine with BLM burning other people’s communities.45 . Jill CatinellaWhat you stand for and your Anti American rhetoric is chilling. Your another entitled celebrity who should stay in your own lane, 67  Black girl godchild says you are canvas prints

Black girl godchild says you are canvas prints

Black girl godchild says you are poster A1

Cassidy MarisetteIt’s ironic how you speak of a “bigger love”, yet you, yourself can’t grasp that type of love. I will no longer support you John because of your stance on defunding the police. It is hypocritical of you to say something like this since you are protec… See More19 . Scott WoodDonald Trump turns 74 today. I am Canadian & I think that Trump has done a splendid job of running the USA. I boycott John Legend because he slanders Trump. Happy Birthday, Donald!68 . Janice StokesWhile I used to love your music I no longer like what you stand for 64 . Elaina BuzzeoAn album I will not buy. I was once a fan. It’s sad that you would support defunding the police. As I posted on Jane Fonda’s page, you live behind your protected barriers never dealing with the POS on these streets yet sit in judgment. How about walkin… See More35  Black girl godchild says you are canvas prints

Black girl godchild says you are canvas prints

Black girl godchild says you are poster A2

Kat UngerSorry John won’t be listening to your music anymore or buying it because you’re getting people out of jail that have cost other people their businesses I’m going to be praying to Jesus to save your soul62 . Tim GrantMr. John Legend, I don’t know what I’m doing or how to write. Im totally going to play the veteran card. I’m 100% disabled veteran of the U.S. ARMY and im in love so bad and so scared out of my mind. Im twice divorced. First we were young and still a… See More7 . Ginger McCroyI don’t want digital, I’m old school. When does the cd come out lol 10 . Shannon RoachIs this your wife? 43 . Joyce TredeauI love your voice , but not your voice against police. I sadly say goodbye.37 . Olga DinseyYour words are so Inspiring. I cant wait to hear it.20 . Christopher LogueNothing more to say!!!!45 . Cheryl Romanelli-AbateWhat in Sam Hill were you doing on that island? Shame on you29

Black girl godchild says you are poster A3

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