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Taylor this is great news! Red was my favorite album until reputation. Five months is so far away! I am most excited to hear your version of Better Man.. My now -husband and I got rear-ended on the freeway on the way to see this concert at the Staples Center. I’m still so sad we had to miss it . I was hoping for this but I didn’t think it would be next. I love RED so much. When it first came out, I resinated with it so much and it didn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserved. I’m ready for the 10 minute (I’m assuming) all too well. Colle… See more. My fav Taylor swift album ….a chance to enjoy it again …..that’s great. Cassi Clark Carpenter. gunna be spending every day until then mentally preparing myself for a 10 minute all too well. I loved the Red album and All Too Well is one of those songs that just hits you and sticks with you, you can’t always listen to it because it’s so raw and you have to be in the right mindset, but it’s one of my favourite songs because of what it just says so well. Batman surfing hawaiian shirt

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Here for it then and now. Not sure how my husband will feel about me reliving my RED phase but it’s happening and I’m not sorry. . RED is my favorite album. Every single song is so deep and good!!! Of course the best one All too well!! Can’t wait to listen the other ones!!!. November 19th Red era will Begin Again! Having missed the original Red era, I’m in anything but a State Of Grace. I’m so completely and utterly exited! Memorizing Red was as easy as knowing all the words to my old favorite song. With 30 songs on Red Ta… See more. My boyfriend walked out on me, no explanation, the Monday before last. Seeing this announcement made me cry, but happy tears. Thank you, tay, for as always, dropping the album i need, as i need it.. 30 songs! Excellent!! Looking forward to it. After folklore, Red is my favorite! Batman surfing hawaiian shirt

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