Avengers endgame marvel studio posterIn this house we believe Trump won 2020 doormat


Cam HolmesWill this be available in australia?We saw you in Melbourne when you did the born this way ball. Brilliant album! Incredible show!!! Please come back to Australia! We love you. And in lockdown again for the 4th time!!! . Lucas Roy MendozaI’m so excited for the rest of the reimagined songs!! Fingers crossed for a Dorian Electra song  . Vivienne Da SilvaOne of my favourite albums of all time! Edge of Glory is the best album closer ever.5 . Amanda CarderWent to the Born This Way Concert Tour in 2011. Awesome Concert! . Mark DavisOoooh June 18 is my birthday, I need this! 4 . Mark SciraMy two favorite albums are Fame Monster and Born this way. You and your work have helped me through some very dark times. Thank you1 . Lis LynchMy first song heard from you. Love it. So true on so many levels. I was born this way. Just me.  Avengers endgame marvel studio poster

Avengers endgame marvel studio poster

Avengers endgame marvel studio poster A3

We love you, gurl.. Iconic . You are such a great source of inspiration for all of us! .   Avengers endgame marvel studio poster · Follow I love this! .   · Follow.   · Follow.   · Follow. Thank you for your inspiring messages of inclusion, visibility, & kindness, along with a take no shit attitude! I love it, because,. You make your scares a beauty. Helping all those people not being apart of the society and being respected as human. Respect for all but also shelter and protection for all. . This album and song inspires me everyday. Thank you for support us. You are like a ray of light against the evil. You are our star! If you are thinking to release a video for this era decade please release one for Bloody Mary (one of the best Gaga’s so… See more. Thank you for being a voice for so many who don’t have a voice (or don’t believe their voice matters)!

Avengers endgame marvel studio poster

Avengers endgame marvel studio poster A2Avengers endgame marvel studio poster A1

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